Dinosaur cake

Dougie’s Dinosaur Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

This birthday cake came about a few months earlier, as my partner’s nephew Dougie had been watching cake making videos with me on YouTube, then asked me himself whether I’d make his birthday cake for him. He wanted me to know that if I did make it, whether I could make it a chocolate cake, as we had made a chocolate cake together already, and that he would really, really like to have a chocolate cake as his birthday cake and he asked me if I could make it dinosaur themed as well.

Douglas’ mum then messaged me a week or so before the party, asking me if I’d be able to do the chocolate cake he’d already requested as well as 13 cupcakes for the children that had been invited to the birthday party.

The birthday party was held at Head Over Heels at Stanley Green in Stockport, on the 6th of November 2016.

The birthday cake was chocolate, and I made 13 cupcakes out of Madeira sponge. They were all dinosaur themed, as Dougie absolutely loves dinosaurs! The cupcakes had a variety of different dinosaur head plastic toppers on them; each dinosaur was a different colour as well, and the buttercream icing on the cupcakes was vanilla flavoured. The main cake had chocolate buttercream in the middle of it, and was covered in a white fondant icing.

The design on that was two fondant dinosaur heads, one was a blue triceratops, and the other was a green T-rex, which was actually supposed to look more like Rex from Toy Story, but it ended up looking more like a crocodile! There was also a couple of dinosaur shapes, made out of blue fondant round the edge of the cake.

Everyone loved the look of the cakes; they enjoyed eating them even more! They all said that the cupcakes were light and fluffy and tasted delicious. The chocolate cake didn’t last much longer, as that was demolished within a matter of days (no doubt with Douglas’ help!!) And that was thoroughly enjoyed.
It went better than expected as it was the first big birthday cake order I had, and I wanted to make sure that the cake and cupcakes were all enjoyed by everyone, and not just for the looks!