Finished Christmas Cupcakes

Pamela’s Christmas themed Cupcakes

The Christmas themed cupcakes that I made for Pamela came about as I was talking to her about the business and also about the cake and cupcakes I had made for Dougie’s birthday party and the birthday cupcakes I’d made as a birthday present for my brother, who turned 21 on the 1st of November 2016.

Pamela works at Wythenshawe Hospital and mentioned that they often do Secret Santa there for Christmas but that this year she had decided to not get involved with it and wanted to take in something for everyone to enjoy. She then asked me if I could do her 24 Christmas themed cupcakes for her to take into work with her.

Christmas Cupcakes being decorated

The cupcakes were made from a Madeira sponge and then were decorated with different coloured fondant circles. The decorations on top of the cakes were also made from fondant and were in a variety of different Christmassy designs, such as the red and white striped candy canes, flying reindeer and snowmen surrounded by snow.

These cupcakes were the third set of special occasion cupcakes I had done, as I had already done birthday cupcakes for my brother in November and dinosaur themed cupcakes for my partner’s nephew, but these were the first Christmas themed cupcakes that I had made.

Cupcakes being decorated

Pamela picked up the cupcakes on the 19th of December and took them into work with her on the 20th. I believe they went down really well, as I received a message from Pam telling me that everyone had really enjoyed the cakes and that they had “gone down a storm!” which is always a good sign in my books, because who doesn’t like a nice Christmas cupcake?

I used some special Christmas shaped cutters to do the majority of the fondant shapes on top of the cupcakes, and the snowflakes were made using some special snowflake pusher cutters.

Finished Christmas Cupcakes


  1. Colourful festive cakes brought to my work colleagues to say Merry Christmas. Positive comments from all literally went like ‘hot cakes’. Cheers laura! Soft tasty sponge fondant icing, also bright and cheery looking!

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