Cupcake Bouquet

Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet

The Mother’s Day cupcake bouquet I made came about because¬†Alison, one of the nurses I knew from the hospice I used to work at, asked me if I’d be able to make some Mother’s Day themed cupcakes for her. She had mentioned that she had been following the business on Facebook and seeing the various cakes and cupcakes I had made.


Cupcake Bouquet

A few days after first discussing the cupcakes, Alison messaged me again asking me if instead of doing a standard box box of 12 Mother’s Day themed cupcakes, would I be able to do them in the style of a bouquet as she had seen a picture on another Facebook page of some cupcakes in that style and she liked the look of it.

The general design was 7 cupcakes with buttercream on the top made to look like roses. The cupcakes I made were Madeira sponge with vanilla flavoured buttercream. I put a slight twist on the buttercream and made it two toned by adding a bit of pink food colouring to some of the buttercream. The idea of doing two toned buttercream came about as there are some types of roses that are primarily one colour but with the edges of the petals in another.

The background for the cupcakes was a 10″ square cake board which I covered in white fondant, the cupcakes were then placed in one corner of the board, and I made a stem from green fondant coming down from the cupcakes to make it look like a proper bouquet. I also did the words “Happy Mothers Day” in yellow fondant along the free sides of the board and added in some flower cake toppers.

Alison gave the cupcake bouquet to her mum on Mother’s Day and told me that she absolutely loved them!

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