Halloween Cupcakes in a closed white box from the side

Halloween Cupcake Competition

As you may know, we are currently doing a Halloween cupcake competition over on our Facebook page. The prize is going to be a spooky box of 12 themed cupcakes, similar to the Father’s Day competition we did back in June.

The closing date for it will be the 22nd of October, as this will give plenty of time to make and decorate the cupcakes as well as arranging a date and time for pickup with the eventual winner!

We have also added Halloween themed cupcakes as a product on the site as well, for anyone who would like to order some cupcakes regardless of the competition.

With the competition, in order to have a valid entry in the competition, you have to like and share the post (which is pinned to the top of the Facebook page), as well as comment on it saying what your favourite thing about Halloween is.

Here at Madd For Cakes, one thing we like doing is finding out about all the different films set around Halloween, as we love a good scare on Halloween, whether we admit it or not!

We have a lot of favourite things about this time of year, including the dressing up, and the trick or treating! What’s your favourite thing?

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